A few years back, in a hot Italian kitchen, Neil Russo was hard at work perfecting his newest recipe. A lot of buzz had been generated recently regarding gluten free diets and celiac disease. Upon further investigation, it became known that many people connected to Russo had experienced the hardships of living a gluten free lifestyle either by choice or necessity. Stories were shared with Russo regarding the obstacles people face in their quest for better health and coping with their celiac disease. One touching story was of a baby girl. She had experienced a painful start to life. At over a year old she couldn’t walk, crawl, had a very swollen belly and was constantly sick. She was diagnosed with celiac disease and her life was forever changed. Russo, with over 30 years as a professional Italian chef, knew and understood that a food allergy is more than just watching what you eat. The social aspect of eating, be it at a party or celebration, was just taken away from a person. They need to now face every meal with a fear of getting ill or choose not to eat. Growing up around an Italian dinner table, he knew the importance of family values and a good loaf of bread.
Determined, Russo began working meticulously to perfect his recipes and to insure that no ingredient went uninvestigated as people’s health and happiness was of utmost regard. A few loaves of Italian bread later and countless pounds of Tiramisu, Russo was ready to unveil his food to the world. He had his food taste tested by the most critical people of all, his friends and family in a traditional Italian restaurant in Smithtown, Long Island. It was unanimous, Russo was on to something. Something delicious.

Soon after, Russo began selling his gluten free food from the restaurant and received almost instant praise from the gluten free community. Not only was the food delicious, but he was able to give people a little more joy in their life. Through catering a graduation party for a high school graduate with celiac disease or helping a family celebrate a special birthday in the restaurant, he was able to bring everyone together over a dinner table.

Thanks to the positive responses from the local gluten-free community, his son, and a couple of golf buddies, Russo made the decision to open Russo’s Gluten Free Gourmet. Now all his food can be produced in a strictly gluten free facility, and hopefully help more people eat delicious, quality foods.

In his quest to make the most delicious gluten free food available, Russo learned to love the look on people’s faces when they take the first bite of his freshly prepared food and they all say the same thing, “Are you sure this is gluten free?”

Food makes people happy and it makes Russo’s happy to be able to provide a quality product which helps others. So get the family together, get the Italian bread and help Mama set the table because the sauce is almost done and it’s time to eat. It’s going to be a buona sera.